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Peki'in Tiles, luxury from the first step

 Luxury from the first step, is not just a slogan that accompanies the Amar Brothers factories for many years, it is a fact that is reflected in all areas of the company's specialization from construction and flooring to the qualities evident in ceramics and porcelain granite.מרצפות טרצו , פורצלן , כלים סינטרים

The experience

 The Amar Brothers factories, began on the road to success before forty-five years ago. The company's activities in those days focused on home furniture (when the transportation and shipment was done with the help of camels and donkeys). The strict adherence to professional work, the quality of materials and uncompromising service paved the way for the father of the family to open more businesses, including a factory for floor tiles in 1978.

The quality

 Years of experience, quality and design of each and every tile, have made "Peki'in Tiles" a thing in the world of floor tiles. Peki'in Tiles specializes in the production of local and imported stone tiles from the best ceramic and granite manufacturers in the world.

 The company has exclusivity to represent most of the prestigious and leading factories in this field throughout the world - Spain, Italy, Turkey, China and more.

 Over twenty-eight years of reputation in the industry, combined with the latest automation in the country, professional operators and strict supervision of the Israeli Standards Institute and quality control of ISO 9001: 2000, guarantee each and every customer a wide range of quality products of all colors and styles.

 The entire production process is done by the most advanced equipment in the world without the involvement of a human hand, except for the sorting stage performed in a rigorous inspection of each and every product.

 The state-of-the-art equipment available to the company allows for precise dimensions and uniform distribution of the tile, which gives it a high and perfect degree of finish.

The selection

 In addition to the rich selection of tiles available to you, you can complete the design of the house with a wide range of showers, bath accessories, sanitary ware, sinks, toilets, faucets and more.


 A business department, waits for the professional audience contractors, engineers, architects and designers, which ready for tailoring package to each and every one. In this department you will find a skilled team, an engineering department and an interior designer with an awareness of the special limitations (technical and economic) of each project. The vehicle fleet is available to ensures delivery in a minimum of time and to all parts of the country.

 Bottom line, From the first step on the Peki'in tiles, you will know that you have done a smart step.

Company customers

 Private clients from all over the country, professional clients - architects and interior designers, contractors building projects from all over the country

Some of our customers

 Israel Electric Company, the ministry of Construction and Housing, Israel Prison Service, Israel Police, “Amidar” The National Society for Housing in Israel, municipalities, local councils, leading companies and businesses, etc.

Membership in professional bodies

 Member of the Haifa Chamber of Commerce since 1990. Member of the Contractors' Association and the Craftsmen's Association

Construction Company - Building on the Amer Brothers factories

 Amar Brothers Construction, Marketing and Holdings Ltd. was established in 1990. The company has today gained impressive success in the field of construction, infrastructure and development.

Pkplast Ltd.

 Was registered as a private company in early February 2011, and is one of the group of companies of the Amer Brothers factories. Located in the industrial area of ​​Majdal Shams, Golan heights. The factory manufacturer of disposable PET packaging for fruits, vegetables and other food products. Company website:

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